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C&C 32

Video from June of 2012 here

short video of pre-race action here

Michael Clow , Co-Captain and "Frontier Land Warrior" is one of the few owners who does not like to drive, "it's boring".

I get a rush out of sailing doublehanded spinnaker with Kathy. Otherwise I would just as soon be forward of the mast.

As owner of TheYachtsman.Com I enjoy testing new apparel on the boat.

Kathy Pitus, Co-Captain and fearless driver, loves to mix it up at the start and mark roundings.

When doublehanding with Michael she can handle the helm, sheet & guy during a beam reach to beam reach spinnaker jibe. So she is not just a pretty face.

Reid Pouliot, long time NSSC sailor, lives on the Clinton River and has great local knowledge of Anchor Bay.

His great uncle raced in the first Mackinac Race in 1926 so he is a third generation competitive sailor.

He brings Tiki II racing experience to the boat with quiet confindence.

Jim Baker, a.k.a. Homo suesuss, has been our tactician & secondary driver for the last five or six seasons. He has the rare ability to give us the most important information in a manner that makes sense to the entire crew.

He seems to have a sixth sense about wind shifts and keeps us in phase.

J.T. Monahan comes to us from Turn The Page, the 2007 Mackinac Cruising Division winner.

He quickly learned how we work our bow & is helping us improve our "Frontier Land" work.

Bryan Dent, works with Reid Pouliot and brings his dinghy skills and dedication to us.

He has quickly become and excellent jib trimmer and taken our tacking to a higher level.

James Mowbray started sailing with us in 2011 and is a fellow Critical Mass sailor with Lynn Jeffrey.

He is quick learner who can work most positions on the boat. He is always a big help on the 42 mile AYC Overnigth Race. He is also learning the front end of the boat to back up Clow & J.T.

John Quinlan, joined us for the 2013 Fall Series and is an excellent trimmer and all around sailor. He also sails on the C&C 30-2, Chilli Pepper.
Visiting & Emeritus Crew

*Lynn Jeffery has sailed many Anchor Bay Fall Series with Desire. And it looks like we may have him "hooked" on Tuesday night racing. He is a very talented jib & spinnaker trimmer who has the ability to work well with the helmswoman (she won't listen to me).

He brings long time sailing experience to the boat from his prior campaigns with Tiki II & Rush. *Lynn passed away in early October 2013

Mom Pitus crews with us once or twice a year when she comes north from Florida to visit. She provides a huge pyschological advantage because we tell the competition that we have a "Rock Star" comming up from Florida.

PLUS we seem to win more with Mom Pitus because we sail a little less agressively. Mom has a rock solid stomach and is able to go below in weather that makes the rest of us quezzy.

Ian Pouliot is one of our 30 something sailors who has been sailing since he was a toddler. He is quiet AND very knowledgeable.

Ian will be sailed with us several times in 2007 as our tactician & coach. He is a sailmaker at Ullman Sails.

Muprphy Palmer, joined us for the 2014 Ugotta Regatta in Harbor Springs. He ownes his own boat, Polarity (J 36) and is an owner who can do it all.

He is a great driver, trimmer and can even work the front end of the boat. We are always faster and smoother when he is onboard.

Max Kirchheim, joined us for the 2015 Fall Series. He was visiting the USA from Germany for three months this fall while doing post MBA work locally.

He sails out of Kieler Yacht Club and was immediately a great trimmer and also did a very good job driving a light air leg in the 2015 GLYC Fall Series. We look forward to subsequent visits to the USA.

Charles Harris has crewed with us for the last 6 or 7 years in the Anchor Bay Fall Series. He is always thinking and comes up with "wild ideas" that always seem to work.

He has raced several Singlehanded Mackinac races and is great "in the clutch" especially when we are short handed.

David Baird has returned to sailing after a 30 year hiatus. Hailing from Lewiston NY, near Lake Ontario, he is asking all the right questions to get back up to speed. He will be back from time to time for more training.

Check out more crew picturers here

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