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C&C 32

photo by Paul Rand

Port Huron Mackinac Boat Night Directions

Desire is a 1981 C&C 32 that is owned by the husband and wife team, Michael Clow & Kathy Pitus. We club race on Anchor Bay (Lake St. Clair) and belong to North Star Sail Club, Albatross Yacht Club and the Doublehanded Sailing Association. The boat is docked at NSSC on the Clinton River.

The boat is set up for doublehanded spinnaker racing which means there is Harken roller furling unit, lots of mechical advantage, line adjustable jib sheet car leads, hot box control lines are also accessible from the mast and the cabin mounted main sheet can be lead aft for helmswoman access. Kathy drives and calls the start (after a mutually agreed upon general strategy). I work the sails & make the boat go fast. I claim to be the oldest-biggest foredeckman in southeastern Michigan (210lbs + 64 years + 78" height = 362 foredeck units) and I am willing to do a Samurai Douse.

I raced the 70's on a Cal 25 in Anchor Bay, pleasure sailed my Ranger 26 in the 80's and got back into racing with the C&C 32 in 1991. Kathy always liked the water and had sailed a couple of times before meeting me in 1991. We started racing together in 1995 as a doublehanded team racing Jib & Main. After the 1998 season we began racing doublehanded spinnaker (against fully crewed boats). We wanted more of a challenge and more boats to race against. We enjoy the complete focus of our doublehanded sailing and we really know we have had a workout at the end of a race.

After the 2004 season we decided to start racing with a full crew. We felt we had reached a plateau (usually in top 1/3 of fleet in club racing) in our doublehanded racing (against fully crewed boats) and wanted to get fresh input and also be able to hone more of our sailing skills. We have been fortunate to sail with great crew!! We look for people who first want to have fun and then sail efficiently. Good race results follow if we have fun and sail smooth & efficiently. Our crew of the last few years are very experienced and enjoy the fun & winning racing on Desire. Check them out on our crew page.

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